Cryotherapy works down at a cellular level to speed up recovery and reduces post-workout soreness by elevating the body’s performance and contributing to overall well being. In just a few minutes you will increase blood flow to your entire body bringing circulation and healing to ailing areas.

For decades, cold therapy has been commonly used as a procedure to relieve pain symptoms, particularly in inflammation, injuries and overuse symptoms.  In sports medicine, Cryotherapy has gained wider acceptance as a recovery modality from muscle injuries by significantly alleviating inflammation after strenuous exercise by inducing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Intense training, overuse and/or insufficient recovery have been known to cause muscle fatigue, injury, and immune compromise. Therefore, achieving the optimal balance between training and recovery is crucial in maximizing performance and avoiding the dreaded “plateau” of any fitness or weight loss program. Which all too often has left many frustrated and unmotivated, as It seems harder and harder to get the energy to lose those last few pounds or crush your strength goals. Cryotherapy can help blow through your plateau to achieve and accede your health and fitness endeavor.


Pre Workout
Because Cryotherapy does not freeze tissues or muscles like an ice bath does, an athlete can have a pre-workout treatment, as well as a post-workout treatment. Since Cryotherapy has been shown to burn between 500 and 800 calories per session, this creates a most favorable environment to help prepare your body prior to your workout. With increased energy, vitality, fat burning and an accelerated metabolic rate, Cryotherapy before your workout, game or race can raise your pain tolerance, boost your performance, give you greater flexibility as well as assist in a faster recovery times.
Post Workout
When the body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures it has many positive effects on the body. The temperatures prompt rapid vasoconstriction of the blood vessels, which flushes out toxins from the body and reduces inflammation in the muscles, followed by rapid vasodilation which is the widening of blood vessels. This process helps the body speed up the delivery of pain reducing endorphins. Over time, regular Cryotherapy use cuts recovery time, which allows athletes to train harder and more frequently. The immediate use of Cryotherapy following a workout is that it can decrease secondary hypoxia (a deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues) and enzymatic injury (self-propagating biological changes in cells and tissues that lead to their dysfunction), resulting in less edema (water retention) and soreness.


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